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Welcome to the BIBLE – Basic Information Before Learning Embroidery – Thee Embroidery Handbook. A new 200-page manual where industry information “from A to Z” will benefit the reader. There are Q&As, sample forms for corporate consideration (see disclaimer statement), and “how to” ideas for your idea bin. There is space on most of the pages for your “Notes & Thoughts.”

If you are a novice to the embroidery industry, the Bible – Thee Embroidery Handbook is for you. Experienced folks can surely benefit from the Bible – Thee Embroidery Handbook as a refresher course of information and forms. It will save you money and it will make you money. The Appendices are most helpful in providing embroidery and company assistance. They contain things you need to know and follow.

There are numerous questions/answers to cover the world of “what if.” AND if we don’t answer your specific question in the Bible – Thee Embroidery Handbook, reach out to us for a review and reply to your topic. Reach us through the information on the last page of this book.